NB. Several of the projects that were served by these lists (including my own TEA Total project) are/appear to be defunct. I will probably shut down the inactive lists at some point but I've decided to leave the archives up indefinitely for the sake of posterity.

The lists on this server are:

To subscribe to any of the lists, simply send an email (the subject and body are ignored) to (nameoflist)-subscribe@linuxhacker.org
For example, to subscribe to the NanoGUI mailing list, send an email to nanogui-subscribe@linuxhacker.org. You can get help and a list of features by sending mail to (nameoflist)-help@linuxhacker.org
To unsubscribe from a mailing list, simply send mail to (nameoflist)-unsubscribe@linuxhacker.org
There is also a digest version of each mailing list, which sends out all of the accumulated messages since the last digest every 48 hours, 30 messages, or 64K of message body text (whichever comes first).
To subscribe to the digest version of a mailing list, send an email to (nameoflist)-digest-subscribe@linuxhacker.org
To unsubscribe from the digest version of a mailing list, send an email to (nameoflist)-digest-unsubscribe@linuxhacker.org
There is no separate archive for the digest version of the lists, and also note that if you are already subscribed to the non-digest version of a list you will need to unsubscribe from it when subscribing to the digest list to avoid receiving both the digests and the full feed.